Bricxmen Tuckpointing Chicago
Your Reliable Masonry Contractors Chicago, IL

Who can you call when you need professional masonry or sandblasting services Chicago that can maintain the structure of your home, business, or public facility? The answer is simple. Bricxmen is the most qualified and versatile masonry and tuckpointing contractors in Chicago.

Offering a wide range of services with the expertise you need to feel right about the job, Bricxmen can be there for anything from building new masonry in Chicago to brick repair and chimney restoration. Our years of experience have given us the opportunity to do it all, so we know how to handle your particular situation.

Brickworks Chicago & Brick Repair Chicago, IL

Don’t let your bricks or the rest of your building structure lose their usefulness. Call Bricxmen for expert masonry contractors in Chicago who are able to also provide lintel replacement and care for your parapet walls. Plus, we provide very thorough power washing to keep your brickworks clean from unwanted dirt and grime.

Make Bricxmen your choice for all things to do with brick repair and maintenance and receive fast and friendly service both inside and around your home or business. Call us today for an assessment and free detailed estimate.

Bricxmen Masonry Chicago & Tuckpointing Chicago Services

Tuckpointing Chicago

Our tuckpointing contractors in Chicago can make your bricks look new while also making sure they are doing their job of remaining waterproof to keep your residential or commercial building secure.

Masonry Chicago

When you need masonry work done, Bricxmen is the answer for all masonry repair and masonry restoration in Chicago. We will make your structure sound and make it last.

Brickworks & Brick Repair Chicago

We make finding an expert in brick repair in Chicago easy. Our experienced brickworks specialists can handle any brick problem and make it right for you without worry.

Power Washing Chicago

If you have a large surface that needs cleaning, whether it’s old paint, dirt, or simply looks worn down, we offer power washing in Chicago that will take care of the problem.

Fireplace & Chimney Repair Chicago

Make sure your fireplace is fully operational and safe to use from top to bottom with our fireplace repair that extends all the way up to chimney restoration in Chicago.

Caulking Chicago

Keep the drafts out and make certain there are no water leaks with our masonry caulking in Chicago. Our professionals will seal every window to remain tight and secure from any penetration.

Concrete Repair Chicago

Whether you have steps in poor condition or pavement that is causing you problems, Bricxmen can make it safe with the right professional concrete repair in Chicago.

Lintel Replacement Chicago

An old or loose lintel is more than just a structural problem for any home or office building, it’s also a dangerous hazard. That’s why we offer fast and reliable lintel replacement.

Parapet Walls Chicago

Your parapet wall can go through so much year after year, so we can take care of it to keep it in great shape through parapet wall repair or replacement.

Why Choose Bricxmen Masonry Chicago & Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago?

Experienced Professionals

At Bricxmen, we have years of experience serving the community for more than just masonry and tuckpointing in Chicago. Our professionals are well-rounded and versatile to handle almost any problem.

Fast and Reliable

When you need us, we’ll be there. We respond quickly because whether it’s masonry restoration in Chicago or your chimney repair in a suburb, we understand you want the job done fast.

Clear Free Estimate

We always rely on communication so that there are no surprises. Before we do the work, we provide you with a detailed written estimate for your consideration. That helps us stand out for brickworks in Chicago.


Bricxmen helped remove the efflorescence from my office building with a very strong power washing in Chicago. Their service was excellent and the job they did was outstanding. My building looks clean and presentable for my clients.

Tom Lukas

When I noticed a large crack in my chimney, I called Bricxmen and they came to fix it right away. Their chimney repair was only part of the great job they did. They also inspected my fireplace, making it safe.

Lucy Scott

The face of my commercial property has never looked better, thanks to the incredible services provided by Bricxmen. They made tuckpointing in Chicago look easy, giving my building the perfect new look.

Amy Brown

We had many issues with the bricks on our home. They were old and falling apart in places, but Bricxmen provided the masonry contractors in Chicago that took care of the problems quickly. It was wonderful dealing with them.

Mike Wall